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The Future of Team Collaboration: Trends and Best Practices for 2023
Andrea Watts
Andrea Watts
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From ongoing economic upheaval, mass lay-offs and rising inflation; 2022 was a challenging year for organizations and employees alike. Because of this; leaders and teams are moving into 2023 with some uncertainty and a desire to know whats coming next. We’ve gathered some trends and tips to help teams understand these changes and make managing & collaborating with your team in 2023 a little bit easier.

2023 Work Trends

Experts have been outlining trends in the workplace that will effect how work is done in 2023. Some of the big shifts include following:

  1. Remote & hybrid work is here to stay. The COVID-19 pandemic and labor-shortage created a power shift in the workplace from employers to employees. This year, we have seen the opposite as employers cut back on expenses, headcount and push return to office. Despite these opposing forces, experts say remote work is here to stay and will increase in 2023.
  2. Companies will put more investment into collaboration needs. The rise of easy-to-use products that all employees can use, think Figma, will move into collaboration tools. According to Business Insider, “In 2023, collaboration will center on people receiving the right context from other teams to make the best decisions…”
  3. Leadership will be measured on open communication. Today, employees expect transparency and honesty from leadership about the business whether is positive or negative as stated in a recent Forbes article: But even as employees resume pre-pandemic routines, the need for constant, open communication won’t disappear. Leaders and organizations will continue to be measured on their ability to show empathy, especially when facing tough decisions like layoffs.”
  4. AI will start to infiltrate our everyday work. 2023 may actually be the year for AI; experts say: “AI has transitioned from being just interesting to delivering impact for businesses and consumers. 2023 will see AI adoption skyrocket by the rapid diffusion of models into all kinds of applications.”

Teams will have to do more with less as budgets tighten, find better ways to collaborate as hybrid & remote work remain the norm and managers will have to lead with transparency as employees continue to demand honesty and empathy.

Based on these trends, we have put together some tips and tricks for effectively managing and collaborating with your team in 2023:

5 Management Tips for Collaborating in 2023

  1. Set clear goals and expectations: It’s important to establish clear goals and expectations for your team so that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same objectives. This can help to increase productivity, increase team speed and foster transparency for all kinds of teams. Want somewhere to start? Use this company strategy template.
  2. Use collaboration software: There are many different project management tools available that can help you to organize tasks, assign responsibilities, and track progress. As collaboration becomes integral to achieving your goals in 2023, these types of tools will be a must-have for doing more with less. At Almanac, we’ve built the the first platform for collaborative flow.
  3. Encourage open communication: Encourage open communication across your company and across your team. This can help to foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration, and can also help to identify and resolve problems more quickly. Something that has helped us create this kind of communication is better understanding how people prefer to communicate via personal user guides.
  4. Foster a positive team culture: A positive team culture is essential for effective collaboration; it boosts morale and increases productivity. It’s important to make an effort to recognize and celebrate the contributions of team members; we have actually built it into our All Hands meetings.
  5. Focus on flexibility: Whether it’s trying new technology or adapting your strategy in response to changing customer needs and market conditions; it’s important to adopt new approaches to planning, communication, collaborating and decision-making.

Want to see how collaborative flow can change the way your team works together? It’s designed for deep work, engineered for speed and like nothing you’ve ever used before.

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