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Kaelin Hooper
Kaelin Hooper
CTO of Ender
"We switched to Almanac when we decided to make a big cultural shift away from meetings and towards writing. Almanac is how we gather feedback and get documents approved, which is vital for moving ideas forward on a fully remote team."
Tim Harrison
Tim Harrison
Director of Product at Gipper
"With Almanac I feel like we have much better control over the folder structure, who can see what, and I can be very granular and specific about who I give access to."
Dhivya Rajasekar
PM at Round Robin Labs
"As a product manager of an early-stage startup, Almanac allows me to focus on what really matters, rather than re-invent the wheel for document format and structure."
Tessa Lin Wang
Founder of Brainchild
"Almanac is beautiful. I'm so happy to have found something this simple and breathtaking to use."
Drew Cohen
Principal, Corp. Infrastructure at Nova
"We're huge fans of Almanac so far. The mindset that you guys have, in terms of the async approach and branching, is right in line with how we think about our business."
Feipu Song-Diaz
Product Designer at Let's Get Set
"If you compare Almanac to Google Docs, I'm sold. I think Almanac is so much better than Google Docs."
Andreas Asprou
CTO at Dweet
"I'm really impressed with Almanac. I love the subtle understanding of all the important user experience needs. Almanac is really, really wonderful to use."
Lekan Wang
Partner at JSL Health Capital
"This is really, really impressive."
Anurag Banerjee
COO at Axioned
"I love what you guys are doing. It's been super inspirational to see the brilliant product as well as the vast open content available for all of us."
Jade Barclay
PhD Researcher at the Kolling Institute
"Almanac is just a really, really good balance of familiar and new. Familiar for Microsoft Word and Notion folks in some ways, and familiar for git and VS Code folks in others."
Job van der Voort
CEO at
"Almanac is building the future of the documentation tools for teams. Reviews, approvals, merging, history, super great multiplayer."
Joao Beraldo
Platform lead at EQT Ventures
"I love how collaborative it feels compared to Notion."
Gareth Roberts
CEO of Bloomscape
"Almanac is one of the most refreshingly original approaches to collective wisdom that’s come out in recent years amongst all the buzz of tools like Roam and Notion. Couldn’t rate it highly enough."
Lakshanika Lammeera
CEO at Yuno
"Incorporating Almanac as one of our core tools has given us the chance to coordinate work with a completely remote team. Our workflow and our speed of execution improved significantly."
Vladimir Petrosk
Freelance Web Designer
"I'm speechless. Almanac is so good. I wasn't expecting to be blown away by this product. Like, WOW."
Chika Kasahara
Recruiting Operations at FireHydrant
"I am on a really small team with limited resources, but with the Almanac platform, it feels like I have a huge team because I have access to knowledge and ideas from a large community."
Samantha Gordashko
UX/UI Design Manager at ZOLEO
"I sent my support team an Almanac doc and they were like, 'This is the best thing since sliced bread. We all want an account.'"
Aaron Srivastava
Development & Security Operations Manager
"I really like the review and suggest features. You guys are killing it there."
Chase Warrington
Head of Remote at Doist
"I love what Almanac is doing for documentation. Super critical piece of the remote infrastructure that many teams are still struggling to do at a high level."
Andy Cole
Founder of 0260 Labs
"I gotta say–I'm loving this app. This is amazing software. Almanac is totally awesome."
Jordan Wan
Founder of CloserIQ
"While I have no shortage of tools for writing, every time I think about needing to create a playbook or write a strategy memo that I want others to critique seriously, I think of using Almanac."
Alison Feldmann
Freelance consultant/strategist
"I really enjoy Almanac's simple design and organized interface, helpful templates, and community content."
Ilya Nekhay
Engineering Manager at Indeed
"The whole product feels as if a software engineer got really frustrated and took lessons from writing code and moved them into writing documents."
Kesar Varma
Venture Partner at NecessaryVC
"Y'all created something incredible. I haven't been this excited to make documentation...ever."
Alex Mueller
VP of Growth at Airbank
"It's the little things that make Almanac enjoyable to use. I hope y'all are proud. You've done great work."
"Really enjoying Almanac so far."
Michael Kelly
Co-founder of Resolute Future
Matteo Meinardi
Head of Finance at Young Platform
"We decided Almanac is the best tool we can use to address/handle the knowledge inside our company."
Aron Grinshtein
CEO at Kingfisher Medical
"This is an absolute game changer. If you want to implement processes into a company, Almanac is the smoothest way to do it."
Keaton Okkonen
CEO of
"I enjoy creating documents in Almanac. When I want to get something out of my head or report on a meeting I just had, Almanac is my go-to."
John Jeremiah
Director of Marketing at Traceable
"Y'all are building something very cool. I actually had fun creating documents in Almanac."
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